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Private Health Administrators (PHA) is an accredited, independent medical scheme administrator and managed care organisation, boasting over 31 years’ experience in the industry

Grounded by our experience, driven by innovation, and enabled by robust and flexible systems we ensure the delivery of cost-effective, quality and appropriate care.

An Integrated Health Offering

PHA services fully integrate or can also function as individual administration, managed care and risk management solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.  Learn more


We provide the full spectrum of administrative and managed healthcare services, underpinned by a robust system designed to accommodate and interpret high volumes of data.

Risk Management and Guided Care

Our risk management initiatives include, amongst others:

  • Disease management programmes.
  • Doctor and patient engagement programmes.
  • Medicine management.
  • Capitated benefit management.
  • Provider network management.

Clinical Insight

Our Clinical Care team guides and assists with clinical and funding decisions and health education. The team drives our Demand Management philosophy to ensure appropriate care and benefit utilisation for medical scheme members.

Demand Management

Demand Management  is a unique methodology for which PHA owns the trademark.  It provides an interface with health professionals to support beneficiaries in understanding their healthcare choices.

Employee Wellness

Our wellness function integrates into existing workplace functionalities.  It encourages healthy behaviour and helps with the interaction between provider groups and members.

Scheme and Employer Value

Risks are identified and reported and managed through active engagement with providers and beneficiaries.  This targeted approach maximizes outcomes and minimises scheme/employer risk.

Our Unique Differentiator - The Dedicated Nurse

PHA uniquely dedicates a Registered Professional Nurse to every member as their client relationship and benefits consultant. This ensures that every member has access to somebody who is impartial and authorised to access their medical records to assist them in some of the more complex or difficult decisions that members need to make.

PHA has its head office in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal. It operates country-wide with a nationally linked network and uses a robust, flexible, as well as integrated system to ensure efficient and effective administration of membership and benefits.

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