Our Unique Differentiator – The Dedicated Nurse

PHA Dedicated NursePHA uniquely dedicates a Registered Professional Nurse to every member as their client relationship and benefits consultant. This ensures that every member has access to somebody who is impartial and authorised to access their medical records to assist them in some of the more complex or difficult decisions that members need to make. Where possible, in the case of corporate clients, PHA Nurses generally travel to site for a face-to-face interactions. The telephone becomes a secondary medium of choice with which to contact the Scheme.

Our Dedicated Professional Nurses will provide you, your members or employers with personal attention and will guide and counsel you to be in control of your health and healthcare spending through appropriate education and the provision of health information that will empower you to make informed choices about your health.

This unique differentiator is one of the cornerstones through which we provide the human touch and get to know our members better and provide true patient advocacy whilst continually focusing on client centricity and delivery of their unique healthcare needs and patient preferences.

The Role of the Dedicated Professional Nurse

  • Face to face interaction with members and employers on site
  • Dedicated focus on a specific group of members per nurse
  • Focused attention on health risk factors and minimisation of risk through health risk management strategies
  • Education and advocacy – keeping members informed and influencing claiming behavior
  • High touch – personal attention steering members to appropriate use of benefits

The Dedicated Nurse

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