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For members who need help and support in managing their chronic conditions through healthy lifestyle changes and improved compliance

How do I Register HIV Information Sheet CLICK HERE to download the Health Management Application Form e-mail to pnphealth@pha.co.za or fax to 031 267 0227All information is kept strictly confidential at all times One of the PHA Nurses may also contact you if you have been admitted for a chronic complication or regularly miss taking medication

Once you have registered on the programme, one of our Nurses will run through some questions about your general health, your chronic condition and medical history so that we can assess your needs and whether the lifestyle management programme would be beneficial to you. The Lifestyle Programme is paid for by the scheme and is designed to help you lose weight and improve your fitness. Depending on your needs and risk factors, the PHA Nurse will keep in regular contact with you to ensure that you are managing your chronic condition so that complications and admissions can be prevented or made less.

Application Form

PNP Application for Registration on the Health Management Programme

Download the PDF
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